Celebrate Easter The Zero Waste Way

Easter is invariably a little different this year as nearly the entire world is on lockdown but hopefully, you have a few tricks up your sleeve to make it special. Before you rush off to the shops for Easter “essentials” why not consider how you could celebrate a little less wastefully this year. Here are a few tips on how to celebrate a low waste  Easter. 

Refuse Anything That Comes in Plastic

Yup this post starts with a blow! Sorry! You might have to abandon your love of marshmallow eggs or your favourite chocolate bunny. The fundamental principle of a low waste lifestyle is refusing plastic and any unnecessary waste so this is what we need to strive towards if we want to make the biggest impact for our planet. I’m not there yet, I still have to recycle a lot of our plastic waste and the lockdown has made it especially difficult as I’ve been too nervous to travel across town to the zero waste store during the Movement Control Order in Malaysia. But I want to chisel this thought into our brains so that it’s the very first thing we think of before making a purchase. There are a few fairly easy substitutes you can make, fresh eggs can often be found in paper cartons rather than plastic ones. Consider buying chocolates that come in a paper sleeve rather than a plastic one. Usually, artisan brands are packaged this way and it’s better to support them anyway as big corporations don’t need our money as much as small businesses right now. Paper can be composted or recycled far easier than plastic. You’ll be doing even better if you can choose items that come in no packaging at all. 

Order From Your Local Bakery

Store-bought hot cross buns are delicious but most often come in a plastic packet, why not support your local bakery. You’ll also be helping them in a tough economic time. Take your own bag when you collect or if like me you need to order them for delivery, request no plastic packaging. If you’re in Kuala Lumpur, Kenny Hill’s is making fresh hot cross buns for pre-order. They look delicious and deliver in paper bags. 

Stop the Excess

I’m not a parent but I remember being a child and I remember I didn’t need much to make me happy or keep me entertained. Believe it or not, kids don’t need thousands of chocolate bunnies and super sugar-loaded eggs to make them happy. If you’re used to going all out on special occasions start trying to downscale how you go about things. It’ll be less stressful and allow you to actually enjoy the moment with your family or friends. 


Make Homemade Crafts 

There’s never been a better time to clean out your cupboards. Clean out a few cupboards and gather a pile of things you could make some DIY Easter-themed decorations with. Give some hints as to what could be made like a bunny or a chicken coop. Botanically dyed eggs are super pretty too. The person who makes the best thing, by family vote, gets a prize.

Consider the Meaning Behind the Celebration

This applies to every special occasion we celebrate. If you’re Christian, do you even need all the frills that come with Easter? Take the day to contemplate and celebrate the reason for this day. If you’re not Christian, is it worthwhile celebrating at all? The marketing campaigns will tell you, ‘yes’ to get you to spend your money but if you’re strong-willed, you don’t need to spend any money at all. 

Whichever way you choose to spend it, I hope you have a lovely Easter! 

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