Valentines Gift Ideas That Are Kind to the Earth

The 21st century is filled with holidays and marketing tactics that try to get us to consume more. Our overconsumption of things is very unfriendly to the environment so when looking for a gift for your lover this valentines day, it can be tricky to look for something that is earth-conscious. Hopefully, this guide will help you with some eco-friendly ideas that your partner will adore.


  1. Jane Goodall’s MasterClass 

Chris got me an unlimited subscription to MasterClass for my birthday and I immediately knew I wanted to start with the class by Dr Jane Goodall. Her class covers all aspects of being environmentally friendly from GMO foods to animal cruelty, plastic waste and organic farming. The class is $90.00 or you could gift an all-access pass for $180.00/year. The production value is great and there are many episodes in one course so the price is totally worth it. 


2. Plant a Tree

If you’ve watched How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days you’ll know that all relationships need a love fern! Gift a tree to your valentine, without even having to get your hands dirty, when you donate just $10 to The Nature Conservancy. Their plant-a-billion-trees campaign is a major forest restoration effort with the goal of planting a billion trees across the planet. 


3. A Zero-Waste Kit

If you don’t already have one, show your partner you care about them and the environment buy getting matching zero waste kits. The essentials include a bamboo toothbrush, a reusable water bottle, a reusable travel mug and a tote bag. Level up by carrying your own takeaway container, napkin, knife and fork so that you can refuse single-use plastic when eating out. You can buy all of these online at Faithful to Nature or your nearest zero-waste store.


4. Gift a Book

High on my reading wishlist is Slow Death by Rubber Duck. We are exposed to chemicals and harmful toxins, on a daily basis, that accumulate in our tissues and damage our health. This book looks at ways we can get back to green living by reducing our exposure to harmful toxins during our everyday routines. 


5. Cook Dinner 

Sometimes the most special gifts are the ones we make with our own hands. If you’re planning on cooking dinner this Valentines Day, opt for a plant-based menu. My go-to vegan dinner that’s quick and easy to make is a stirfry with peanut sauce, lots of ginger and lemongrass. Pair with a bottle of wine and some candles and you’re set for the most romantic, earth-friendly evening. 


We’d love to know how you’re sharing some love with the earth this Valentines Day. Drop us a comment below with your plans. 

Much love!


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