When you engage with our brand, we want you to feel empowered because by supporting us you are making educated decisions about your own well-being as well as the longevity of our planet. At every level we strive to make a positive impact for the environment and the artisans in the communities who make our products.

Our primary goal is to make high quality, ethical and eco-friendly products because when we do, we support sustainability, which in turn supports the earth. We are against fads and fast fashion which is why our primary focus is to create timeless or useful pieces for your home.

We ensure environmentally friendly practises throughout every stage of the production process from transport and packaging to our own office and home environments.

Socially responsibility is near to our hearts - if being kind to the earth is part of our philosophy that also means being kind to its inhabitants. We make sure we work with factories that offer a fair wage and ethical working conditions.

We are human-centred. We don’t believe in having any company policies that put corporate jargon above logic, our artisans and our customers.